Diamonds, Glamour and Bingo

Lancashire-born performer and songwriter Dominic Finley immigrated to Australia in 2010 and now lives south-east of Melbourne, Australia, in Warragul, Gippsland.

A professional musician since the early nineties, he knew he was destined to follow a music career after hearing Neil’s The Jazz Singer album in his early teens. Dominic was a member of the re-formed Cutting Crew, whose 1980’s hit record ‘(I Just) Died in Your Arms’ charted in the top five in the UK and was a US number one.

Dominic’s lifelong admiration for Neil Diamond’s music inspired him to develop a theatre show, Hot August Night and Me: a Neil Diamond Story, which traces the star’s journey from being a struggling Brooklyn poet to becoming one of the world’s most loved performers. Dominic now tours the show in Australia with his band, The Diamantes, performing to sell-out audiences. He has also released several albums as a singer-songwriter including two albums of rock songs for kids, which have been used in thousands of classrooms across Australia.

Diamonds, Glamour and Bingo is Dominic’s first novel and draws heavily on his own career in the tough, gritty world of the Lancashire working men’s club circuit. He has mined his show business experiences to shape a rough but real diamond in his creation of the hero, Norman Muggeridge. Dominic is now working on a prequel, which is set in the mid sixties.